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Looking for a Good Deal?

Looking for a Good Deal?

I have heard several people talk about the Lafayette Catholic Schools Garage Sale, but I had never been until last week. A group of ladies who volunteer their time and talent every week stopped by my office encouraging me to make a visit. Personally, I have never been a big garage sale person, because I always felt I did not need any additional impulse buying effecting my personal finances. I do a fine job when I go to the grocery store. Last week I finally gave in and made the visit. It took a minute to find the non-descript location along Earl Avenue, but I was pleasantly surprised.

The Lafayette Catholic Schools Garage Sale is so much more than a ‘Garage Sale’. In fact, I think it should be renamed the Lafayette Catholic School Mission Store. The selfless dedication of the volunteers in the store is a true example of faith in action. One customer had arrived by City Bus and was purchasing warmer clothes for the winter season that is now upon us. She did not have enough money to pay for all the items. Volunteer Wendy Gavin, working the cash register, knew the lady by name. She was a regular customer, Wendy later explained. Wendy worked out arrangements for the lady to leave with the clothes she needed. The volunteers told stories of other customers who visited the store and had no money to purchase items. They were never turned away and always left with the items they needed. Miriam Walters, a volunteer for many years who recently passed away, showed her passion to serve others in a special way. To make room for more space in the store, twice a year Miriam drove a van load of items to the mountains in Tennessee to donate to the needy.


The garage sale is all about giving back. The Catholic Schools Garage Sale donates 100% of their proceeds to the Lafayette Area Catholic Schools Foundation (LACS) to go toward an endowment that supports the general operating budget of the Lafayette Catholic Schools. Monies in this endowment ensure we have a sustainable financial model for the entire school system. Last year the garage sale contributed over $16,000 to the fund in addition to helping hundreds of individuals and families in the greater Lafayette Community. This year the LACS fund contributed over $100,000 to the general operating budget of the school system.

Main Store Aisle
I have a small challenge for you. If you drop items off at Goodwill or the Salvation Army, please consider the Lafayette Catholic School Garage Sale first. If your kids need new school clothes because they are growing like weeds or wore out the knees sliding on the playground, save yourself the money and make a visit to the Garage Sale. If you have stacks of uniform clothes you are trying to hide on the top closet shelf like me, throw them in a bag and stop by. I guarantee the conversation will be lively and you will leave with a smile on your face.
Small Child and Baby Section
Christmas Decorations

We are truly blessed by all of our volunteers who give so generously of their time, talent and treasure. The selfless dedication of the Garage Sale ladies is a true example of servant leaders who are committed to living their faith and giving back. I would like to thank all of them for their dedication and efforts to the Lafayette Catholic School System. I would like to pay special tribute to Lorraine Hitze who passed away this year and spent endless hours making the garage sale what it is today. There are so many ways people contribute to our schools. I do not know if you could ever realize all of the contributions that do not hit the bottom line on the budget, have an impact on the future of our students, help a community member or impact the growth of our schools. The Lafayette Catholic School System is an amazing place with a lot of amazing people making it happen.

Lafayette Catholic Schools Garage Sale 626 N. Earl Avenue, Lafayette, IN

Have a blessed day!

Left: Wendy Gavin, Nancy Fitzgerald, Lorraine Hitze, Linda
Tracy, Phyllis Hausladen and Maxine Wright.
Wendy Helping a Customer

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