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Franciscan Family Connections

Franciscan Family Connections

St. Francis and the Franciscans have had a long history and a strong influence on the Stock/Sabol/Scheetz family.

Mary Ann Stock 1944

Mary Ann (Stock) Sabol graduated from St. Francis High School in 1944.  St. Francis High School was an all-girls Catholic high school. St. Francis was open from 1928 – 1957 and closed as its successor, Central Catholic High School, opened.

After graduating from St. Francis, Mary Ann married John Sabol, and the couple had nine children. Their youngest child, Patty (Sabol) Scheetz, graduated from CC in 1986 and then received a scholarship to St. Francis College in Fort Wayne (now the University of St. Francis) to play both volleyball and basketball. Patty studied nursing and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing in 1991 and then her Masters in Science in Nursing in 1998.

Patricia Sabol 1986

While at St. Francis College, Patty met her future husband Bernard Scheetz.

Helen Scheetz 1944

Meanwhile, on the Scheetz side of the family, Sister JoEllen Scheetz, a cousin of Bernard’s, taught at St. Francis in Fort Wayne and was also the president of the college from 1970-1993. 

Sister JoEllen is a Lafayette native and a Franciscan nun from the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration. She coincidently also attended St. Francis High School was even a classmate of Mary Ann’s.

Carrying on the St. Francis tradition, Patty and Bernard’s daughter, Sarah Scheetz, graduated from CC in 2016 and will be graduating from the University of St. Francis in May 2020 with her BSW. 

Sarah Scheetz 2016
Sarah, Mary Ann, and Patty

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