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Most parents would agree they want a good education for their children but ask what ingredients make up a “good” education. There is plenty of room for debate.

The Lafayette Catholic Schools exist because hundreds of families in this area believe in the value of a total Christian education for their children. They believe God does have a place in the classroom. They believe no education is really complete without spiritual instruction and moral guidelines as part of a five-day-a-week curriculum. The basics and other educational experiences are important, of course, but how well-rounded can a child’s education be unless the daily dose of math, science, social studies and human sexuality is tempered with Christian teachings, in order to foster character growth and development?

How bright and happy can a child’s future be unless he or she is guided in developing an attitude of Christian values, sensitivity toward others and a respect for human dignity?

Pope John Paul II explained it very well when he spoke to nearly 20,000 students at Madison Square Garden. ” … the purpose of Catholic education is to communicate Christ to you, so your attitude toward others will be that of Christ …part of a Catholic education is to learn to see the needs of others, and to have the courage to practice what we believe. With the support of Catholic education, we try to meet every circumstance of life with the attitude of Christ.”

Raising children who can meet the challenge of life today with the attitude of Christ can be an awesome responsibility. The Lafayette Catholic Schools provide parents the assistance and support they need. Parents, teachers, and administrators are all dedicated to providing a learning environment of Christian love and concern. Good moral attitudes are encouraged and applied on a daily basis, and students are taught how to incorporate religious values into their everyday lives.

Academic standards are high and so is morale since each child is valued as an individual and provided opportunity for growth and development both academically and spiritually. Simply put, our students are taught not only how to do things right, but how to do the right thing. And isn’t that the most important basic of all?

Angie Schrader, Director of Admissions & Student Aid, schrader@lcss.org, 765.474.7500

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Visits our schools today!!!

The best way for you and your family to truly experience the warm and nurturing culture of our Catholic schools is to visit. We encourage you to be our guest during any school day to get a sense for the education we provide first hand. Your child is also welcome to “shadow” a student or spend time in the classroom.

Contact the Admissions Director at 765.474.7500 or info@lcss.org to schedule an appointment to visit or to have your child shadow a student.

Be sure to check out our Schools: 

St. Mary School (Preschool-3)
St. Boniface School (4-6)
St. Lawrence School (Preschool-6)
Central Catholic Jr.-Sr. High School (7-12)

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