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Is It Worth It?

Is It Worth It?

Every day in the Admissions office, we are continually in search of the secret to “How do you convince young families considering a Catholic education that in the long run it’s one of the best decisions they can make for their children?”

It can be so daunting when parents look out to the future of paying tuition year after year.  Will it put a strain on the family budget or will we have to rearrange our spending priorities?

Cost is the most common reason families choose not to enroll.  Because choosing a Catholic school involves a price tag, there is a strong need to justify the purchase.  Is this the best place for my child given the money I am spending?  Bottom line, is it worth it?

The response from the countless parents who have experienced the benefits might be, “Is it worth it if…”

  • Your child is educated in a classroom where the class size is limited to one that is appropriate to grade level, subject and personal attention?DSCN3934
  • More than 95% of the graduating seniors continue onto college?
  • Your child’s teachers are continually dedicated to challenging your child to reach his or her God-given potential?
  • God’s presence is not only in the chapel but also in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in the hallways?

Is it worth it if…

  • The school’s atmosphere provides experiences and opportunities for youngsters to know that God is a very real presence in their lives?
  • Serving others is an expectation, not a desired outcome?
  • The most important relationship your child has is with Christ, and is cultivated daily in preparation for the realities of the world?

Is it worth it if…

  • DSCN3998The students are engaged participants in their faith and its traditions, like the Mass, the sacraments and parish events?
  • Your children are committed to their faith long after graduation?
  • The school’s graduates make good citizens, are deeply committed to social justice, care for the poor, and proudly volunteer in their church and community?

Is it worth it if…

  • Your children feel safe because respect for one another is the norm?
  • The school works in partnership with its parents to raise “G” rated children in an “R” rated society?
  • Fellow parents share the same values and morals as you expect in your home?
  • More is expected of your child in school every day because they know your child can achieve it?


The Lafayette Catholic Schools understands the financial burden tuition costs can place on a family’s budget.  And for this reason a variety of Student Aid programs are available. One half of the current 950 LCSS students receive a form of Student Aid.  And one out of every three students qualifies for the Indiana School Choice Scholarship (voucher).

A friend of mine who is a parent of three CC alumni recently found herself next to a conversation between parents about whether they should send their child to Catholic schools.  She said she suddenly found herself inserting her thoughts into their conversation emphatically, “It was the best money I ever spent!”

Do you know someone considering a Catholic education for their children? Share your experience with them, and encourage them to contact the Admissions & Student Aid office (765) 474-7500 to learn more about making that possibility a reality.

Yes, there is a cost to providing your child with a Catholic education. Learn more about what so many LCSS parents have experienced – in the long run, the benefits of a Catholic education far outweigh its costs.



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