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What is YOUR story?

The majority of families who have transferred their children to the Lafayette Catholic Schools have done so because they have come into contact with someone who has conveyed their positive experience with the LCSS to them or a friend.  Word of mouth is at the root of so many of our purchase decisions, especially major purchases.  Think about the last time you made the purchase of a product or especially a service. Who shared their experience with you about that product or service? Were you looking for a dentist, a carpet cleaner, a car, a plumber? The same goes for our schools.  Before putting out a great deal of money in tuition, families are in search of the experience of others.

So what’s YOUR story?  You are at a restaurant and you run into a neighbor, who introduces you to her friend.  It comes up in conversation, “Your children go to the Catholic schools, right?  What do you like about the schools?” Do you know what you would say? Or would you spurt out a few lines, and then after you walk away wishing you would have said something else. The latter was me in our pediatrician’s office 20 years ago. I love the Catholic schools. The impact it has had on my children and family is enormous, but for the life of me I certainly couldn’t remember any of it at the time. If this is you, may I suggest the following simple activity.

Most parents choose a Catholic education for one of the following reasons: faith formation, challenging academics, caring community and/or learning environment. If I had to base this on the inquiries I receive on a day to day basis, I would say the latter is the most prevalent reason – learning environment.  Choose any one of these reasons; for example let’s say caring community.  Now what is YOUR PERSONAL story when it comes to the Lafayette Catholic Schools being a caring community?  Was there a teacher who went out of their way to do something extra for your child? Was there a fellow parent who came to your aid during a trying time? Or was your child inspired by a lesson at school and expressed compassion to another person? Take a few minutes to think about one or two stories you would want to share.

The stories about the positive experiences people have had in the Lafayette Catholic Schools are countless.  But what is yours? And will you be ready to share it the next time someone asks? Choose your story now!

Admissions and Student Aid Notes

  •       The LCSS is accepting new student K-12 applications for 2014-15. Priority placement is January 1 through April 15, 2014.
  •       The 2014-15 Tuition Schedule and Student Aid instructions will be available the week of February 24.  Student Aid applications for current LCSS families are due no later than midnight on March 23, 2014.
  •      Registration of current LCSS students for 2014-15 will be in late April after 2014-15 Student Aid has been   awarded. More details to come.

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