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This Is the Place to Have Your Kids

This Is the Place to Have Your Kids

I really enjoy meeting new people, and I especially like talking about what makes the Lafayette Catholic Schools different from other educational options with families inquiring to the LCSS. And now that my four boys have graduated from the schools and have moved onto college and beyond, I have the unique perspective of being able to look back and see firsthand the impact the schools have had on their lives.

What makes are our schools so special? Soooooo many things. It’s different for every student, every parent, every family. Putting those special elements into words is oftentimes challenging, but our new “This Is the Place to Have Your Kids” video seems to do just that.

Take a look, and after the goose bumps have subsided, SHARE it with your friends and family, and especially anyone you know who might be considering the Lafayette Catholic Schools!


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