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Share Your Story on GreatSchools.com

Share Your Story on GreatSchools.com
Nearly 25% of the new students enrolling in the LCSS since the beginning of the last school year moved here from outside the Lafayette area. Since the beginning of school, 6 families relocating to the area have called the LCSS for more information. For these parents, finding a good school for their children is a big priority and many are doing their research on the website GreatSchools.com.
At GreatSchools.com, parents can not only learn about how a school performed on state testing, school programs and extra-curriculars, they can also read about the real life experiences of current parents.
So many amazing things are going on every day in the LCSS. We need these stories to be shared! Will you take a few minutes to share your story with those who are checking out our schools? 
Click here for the Great Schools website, choose IN, and find your school (St. is spelled out Saint). 
Write a review today! Sign your name and we will send you a small token of our appreciation. 
Parents considering a school for their child want to hear first hand about the experiences of families in that school. We need your help in spreading the good news at LCSS.  

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