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March 2014 Admissions Update

March 2014 Admissions Update
April 15 is right around the corner for families considering a Catholic education
for their children next year. Why is April 15 important, besides for filing those 
dreaded tax returns? Students completing an application prior to April 15 receive Priority Placement. This is especially good for families who are registered at a Catholic parish, as they have priority for any open spaces over other applicants if they submit their application prior to April 15. 
You may wonder why this is important. We always have space for new students, right? At the beginning of this current school year, waiting lists had to be started for grade 7 at CC and for 1st grade at St. Mary. Fortunately St. Lawrence 1st grade had openings as there have been several new 1st grade students during this school year! So as you “tell your story” about the Lafayette Catholic Schools to your friends and family, encourage them to make application prior to April 15. After April 15, all applications will be considered on a first come, first serve basis. Application packets are available for all grades at www.lcss.org. 
Priority Placement means: 
When space is available after current LCSS students register in late April, the 
following considerations will be taken into account for priority placement for 
applications received by April 15: 
1. Siblings of current LCSS students and alumni, and children of LCSS 
2. Children of registered families from the six Tippecanoe County parishes.
3. Children of registered families in parishes within the Diocese of Lafayette.
4. Children of registered families in parishes outside the Diocese of Lafayette.
5. All other students are welcome.
Student Aid Notes
Current LCSS families must file their Student Aid applications with Smart Tuition Aid by March 23, 2014, 11:59 PM. Newly applying families for 2014-15 have no Student Aid application deadline, but are encouraged to apply as early as possible. Earlier application ensures earlier award notification. Notification of all Student Aid awards will begin in late April. www.smarttuitionaid.com

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