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What Makes a Great School?

What Makes a Great School?

In the Admissions & Marketing world, Rick Newberry with Enrollment Catalyst is one of the gurus. So it made sense to seek his opinion when evaluating our student retention. Rick states “the mark of a great school is one with a retention rate of at least 90%.” So how does the LCSS measure up?

The Lafayette Catholic Schools are a GREAT school! 91Our retention rate for 2015-16 was 91.07%. In fact, the last time we dipped below the 90% benchmark was back in 2008-09 with 89.66%.

The 90% retention rate is a good benchmark, however, it’s also important to look at the % lost. (Get ready; here is your opportunity to brush up on your math skills.) For 2015-16, the total % lost was 8.93%. But many of those students moved away from Lafayette, 3.13%, so our true % loss was 5.80%. It is below our ten-year average true loss of 6.28%, but more than last year, and thus room for improvement.

While there are a wide variety of reasons for why students withdraw, there are no notable trends (other than the usual 20-25% of the loss which is financial related).

We understand the financial investment for a great many families is HUGE. And even with the more than $2 million awarded in Student Aid, for many families, the sacrifices, or as I prefer to call it ‘spending priorities’ are adjusted to make providing a Catholic education at the top of the list. In a recent podcast, I especially liked what a parent said about raising children: “Children are expensive, and if I am going to make a financial investment in my children, I want to make it in their education.”boy-reading-in-doorway

Lastly, the education of your child is definitely a partnership between the student, the school and the parents; thus the many forms of communication: Daily Announcements, Monthly Newsletters, Schoology, Harmony, Twitter, Facebook and more.

The last line of the new LCSS mission statement states “Committed to student success.” So when Principals and teachers collaborate with parents, and parents support the school’s expectations with student accountability, everyone can celebrate. Because no child really wants to fail on purpose, whether it be in the classroom or on the field; they only want to succeed. And their success leads to our school’s success.  

Here’s to another GREAT year!


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