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First Day of School Pics

First Day of School Pics

One of my silly little habits is to check my Facebook feed before I go to bed. Last Tuesday, August 16, I knew it would take me a little longer than usual that was the first day of school. And as I expected, it was flooded with those wonderful first day of school pictures; lots of smiling students with new backpacks and new school supplies. And for the 138 new LCSS students, they were decked out in something a little different for their first day of school – plaid jumpers, skorts, blue pants and white shirts with the LCSS crest.

That’s right there are 138 students who are new to the LCSS this year; 67 Kindergarteners and 71 in grades 1 – 12. Last year there were 61 new students in grades 1 -12. And the three years previous there were only 44, 42, and 42.

The fifth grade is gradually closing in on the 100 mark with 92 students. Compare that to the Class of 2016 that just graduated in May with 67 students!

More and more parents recognize the importance of bringing their children up in their faith, especially in today’s world. They desire the faith-filled educational environment, the academic excellence, and the commitment to student success that the LCSS provides.

We are grateful to those who continue to share the Lafayette Catholic Schools experience with family and friends. And we are grateful to those who continue to share the gift of Catholic education through their time and treasure. Thank you!

For more information about enrollment in the Lafayette Catholic School System, contact us at 765.474.7500 or schrader@lcss.org.


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