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CC Students Learn from International Students

CC Students Learn from International Students

International students always bring a slice of another culture to CC, and this year is no different. Seven International students (three Sophomores and four Juniors) are enrolled at CC.

Some of the students come over for a one-year experience of living and studying in the US, and others are here to earn a high school diploma. Some found their way to CC via a study abroad company, and some found their own living arrangements with a relative. But all of the students are looking forward to immersing themselves in everything CC has to offer.

Troy Zhu

Troy Zhu CC11

China is the home country to four of the students. Troy Zhu and Linda Song came from Beijing to Central Catholic via Foreign Links Around the Globe (FLAG). Troy stayed with the Cooley family last year. This year Theresa Lin, CC Jr. High math teacher, is his host parent. Troy’s goal is to get into a better college in the US, and in the meantime, he is enjoying boys soccer.


Linda Song

Linda Song CC10

Linda Song spent the spring semester at Richmond Community High School and transferred to CC this year with hopes of attending college in the US. She has noticed that everyone at CC is hardworking and the teachers are more interactive and friendly with the students. Linda is giving the dance team a try and is looking forward to swimming and tennis.

Ian Li and Jessica Li (not related) are both living with relatives who live in the Lafayette area.

Ian Li

Ian Li CC11

Ian’s home is near the heartland of China, 11 hours west of Shanghai. This is Ian’s second year at CC, and he too hopes to study at an American college when he graduates high school. Last year, Ian really focused on becoming more comfortable with the English language, but this year he plans to get more involved in extra-curriculars this.


Jessica Li

Jessica Li CC10

Jessica attended West Lafayette High School her freshman year and transferred to CC to finish out her high school years. (Did you know international students can only attend a US public school for one year unless they are in the US with their parents?) Jessica says there are more activities to join in the US, and even though she has never played soccer, she joined the girls soccer team. So far, it is her favorite thing about CC.


Nadja Wurmbrand CC10

Both Nadja Wurmbrand of Mödling, Austria and Madlen Maier of Haβfurt, Germany came to CC through International Exchange or iE. Since they are here for only one year, they are both looking forward to every experience possible. Nadja and Madlen both mentioned that the school spirit is one of their favorite things about CC.

In Austria, Nadja (Nadia) says the students stay in the same classroom all day and the teachers switch classrooms. Their course schedule is varied each day and they can have up to 14 courses within a week. At CC, Nadja has joined the dance team. What many people don’t know about her is that she is trained in martial arts.

Madlen Maier

Madlen Maier CC11

Madlen enjoys having different people in each of her classes. Someday, she would like to study medicine or become a teacher and move to an English speaking country. She likes languages and seems to have a knack for learning new languages. In addition to her native German, she also knows Polish (her mother is Polish) and English, and she is taking Spanish at CC.


Teresa Deutchmann CC11

Teresa Deutchmann’s aunt spoke so positively about her exchange experiences, Teresa knew she wanted to study abroad. And with her aunt and uncle being Purdue professors, CC was an easy choice. Teresa is fluent in not only German, but also Italian (her mom is Italian) and English. In Austria, Teresa attends an Art School, and one day she hopes to be a graphic designer. Until then she is participating in Cross Country and is looking forward to making lots of new friends during her year at CC.


Host families are an integral part to an international student’s study abroad. Foreign students talk about their amazing experiences, but hosting a student can also be a wonderful experience. Currently, Linda Song’s housing arrangement is temporary, and she is in need of a permanent host family this year. If you have ever thought about serving as a host family or would like more information about being a host family, contact the Admissions Director Angie Schrader  765.474.7500 or schrader@lcss.org. Angie has hosted four international students over the years and can answer many of the questions you may have.

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